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rihannarossy private spy

Duration: 3min 20sec Views: 2 073 Submitted: 6 months ago
Description: rihannarossy private spy So this video will appear to be choppy. I don't know if this can be exploited further, but let me explain. If you're logged in to a model's room and try to open up another window of that model's room, it will kick you out of the first instance of that model's room. It will display in the chat that you have been kicked, but the video will just keep playing. Now, if you close that 2nd window and just remain on the first one that you are kicked will still let you attempt to spy on the private session. Usually the video will start playing, and something will check and see you're not logged in and it'll boot you out of the spy session. The video will play anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds though. So I just kept clicking spy, getting booted, over and over. I edited out the bits in between and it doesn't turn out that bad. I have done this before and had the spy last for longer, 10 to 20 minutes at times. The best thing: since you're kicked from this room, it doesn't tick down on the tokens. SO...if someone smarter than myself reads this, please go and have fun with it and figure out how to break the internet :P
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